About Lycan

Founded in 2013 Lycan Hockey represents Australia’s newest elite hockey brand. Born in the hockey capital of Australia, Perth, Lycan has already reached into hockey-mad Belgium as our fledgling company takes flight. Designed and developed by international hockey players the world over, we understand the rigours that our equipment must survive through and the standard it must not only meet but supersede. We may be the new kids on the block but we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Offering a great range of equipment and playing sticks that incorporate the revolutionary 3 core design we are already pushing the limits to find the best solutions to develop our game further.

Our revolutionary 3 core technology (see a cross section below) maximises a sticks potential power output by increasing structural strength and reducing torsion and flex. The extra shaft and subsequent internal brace not only reinforces the structure but also increases the capacity to disperses and withstand stronger forces. The sticks are more balanced due to the structural loading across a greater surface area and by increasing the level of carbon percentage within the sticks composition we have increased its rigidity. The new Lycan 3 Series range stands at the pinnacle of modern stick design.

I just like the feel of the stick when I take it out of my bag. The weight and balance are just what I want
but the best thing about the Lycan 3 Series sticks is how well it works as a paddle...no, but seriously...

Tim Deavin, World Champion and Olympic Medallist with the Australian Kookaburras (pictured below).